Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

Author: Mark Manson
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Models: Attract Women Through Honesty


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by Dhltnp   2018-03-19

Ok, lassen wir das wieso, weshalb warum mal außen vor da Du schon deine Entscheidung getroffen hast. Ich habe selber nur eine Erfahrung, aber ich habe viel mit den Damen und Herren aus dem Milieu zu tun gehabt. Lass mich einen Vorschlag zur Güte machen, finde eine Möglichkeit eine Escort zu dir kommen zu lassen, ggf. in die sturmfreie Bude von einer deiner Freunde. Sag am Telefon explizit das Du Jungfrau bist und Du eine Dame haben möchtest die auf so eine Nummer wirklich Bock hat, investiere mehr Geld = mehr Zeit. Weil: Du beschreibst dich als schüchtern und die Situation in einem Bordell ist beim Erstkontakt selbst für gestandene Männer eine eher ungewohnte Situation. Viele sind nervös, gestresst und fühlen sich unwohl. Insgesamt kein guter Rahmen um die notwendige Entspannung zu entwickeln die für guten Sex notwendig ist. Vor allem vor dem Hintergrund das bei dir ein weitere Stressor (Jungfäulichkeit) hinzukommt. Resultiert darin das Du entweder keinen hoch bekommst, oder super schnell kommst. Daher ist auch eine Dame wichtig die sich Zeit für dich nimmt und sich auf deine Situation einlässt. Dinge wie gemeinsames Duschen und Massage schaffen eine entspannte Atmosphäre, danach ausgiebiges Vorspiel und 1-2 Verkehr.

Viel Erfolg!

Edit: Da Du noch relativ jung bist, arbeite an dir selbst, es gibt zwei Bücher die ich dir nahelegen kann:

Lass dich nicht von den Rezensionen vom 2 Buch irritieren, es ist in dem Sinne kein "Pickup" Buch. Es geht darum wie man an sich arbeitet um einen selbstsicheren und attraktiven Lebensstil zu entwickeln.

by lroosemusic   2018-03-19

This book completely changed my understanding and approach to relationships. Read it following my divorce two years ago, and I've always had exactly as much female interaction in my life as I've wanted since then.

I cannot recommend it enough.

It brings clarity to everything, and you can use it to bang a non-stop train of sloots, or (as the book recommends) find the girl that's perfect for you long term. It's not about pick-up lines or games to trick girls into fucking you. It's about investing in yourself and communicating in a way that lets women see your true self, flaws and all.

It's a really easy read, and you'll find yourself with vision and perspective you never previously had.

Models: Attracting Women Through Honesty

by EinarrPorketill   2018-03-19

I agree that gimmicky PUA shit isn't the way to go. I've read Mark Manson's book and it was helpful, but it's definitely helpful to get info from additional sources. These books are pretty essential IMO:

by TheInkerman   2017-12-06

It's been a while, but the book breaks down the mechanics of being a 'nice guy', in particular the 'transactional' nature of how they view relationships (especially with women), and then helps guys build behaviours that help them end that kind of thinking. If you find yourself thinking "I do all this for my crush/girlfriend/fiance/wife but they don't show interest/affection back", then it's perfect for you.

It's a really good book, but I would say it's only a beginning. I'd follow it up with Models by Mark Manson , and I have The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck on my bookshelf, but haven't opened it yet.

by lroosemusic   2017-12-06

The ones with boyfriends I met on dating apps while they were single. I'd tell them from the beginning that I was slow to commit and if they needed lots right away I wasn't gonna be the guy for them. When things went on for a while and they realized I was never going to be exclusive with them, they'd move on to an exclusive relationship and keep me as a friend. This method plants the seed for a whole bunch of girls coming back to you for hookups between relationships, or like I mentioned, when they're unhappy in their current relationship.

Regarding my divorce, I like control and I married someone else who likes control. We both wanted control more than we wanted to be with each other, so we separated and eventually divorced. We're still close friends, but we want different things and agree that it's best to be apart.

Edit: I read this book shortly after my separation and it completely changed my approach to relationships, both sexual and platonic. I can't recommend it enough if you want to fill your life with people that make you happy.

by peter_n   2017-12-06

Gonna jump in here just because as an asian dude I know this is a touchy subject that non-asians might not understand. It sounds like you don't have an "asian" problem, just a social awareness problem.

A couple of books I think you can benefit from reading:

Mate by Tucker Max and Geoffery Miller

Models by Mark Manson

No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover

I also recommend listening to "The Mating Grounds Podcast" which was the precursor to the Mate book.

You have a lot of mindsets you have to unpack and work on. These books (and podcast), I guarantee you will transform your life, not just your dating life.

Best of luck

by ErikVandeWater   2017-09-04
Ask HN: Will you have sex with me please?

Something actually helpful might be this:

by Ilonso   2017-08-19

it's changing my life more than everything else in this community combined (that's just my oppinion) here is a link in case you haven't found it yet. seriously. read this book.... now...

by GLOOTS_OF_PEACE   2017-08-19

check out Mark Manson's book Models too :)

by yougottathrowmeaway   2017-08-19

Can't really do much via text - I found that this book really sets a good foundation, tho.