Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

Author: Mark Manson
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Models: Attract Women Through Honesty


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by takemehomecountry   2018-11-10

You can try Models by Mark Manson. Or possibly No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover.

I've read the former and it's pretty much TRP self-improvement advice without the misogyny. I haven't read the latter but I think it's the same.

by keongmanja   2018-11-10

Mark Manson also wrote a really good book about masculinity: Model s

by [deleted]   2018-11-10

Honest evaluation: You have average looks. Not particularly handsome, but not bad either. I wouldn't have guessed you have Asperger's based on this picture alone. Reading behind the lines of your text and what you said it sounds like the actual issue is with your lack of self-esteem and lack of social acuity (which is, understanding social dynamics between people and how dating works).

One thing that people don't often know is that in attraction what are considered as primary attractive qualities between men and women are dimorphic. To put it very bluntly and simplifying the issue, men are primarly attracted to looks and women are primarly attracted to confidence and social status. Looks do also matter for women, but in lesser extent. There are variations and individual differences in all sorts of attractive qualities so the issue is rather more complex than that, but that is a good rule of thumb in general.

I would recommend finding ways to improve your self-esteem and becoming more confident in the way you carry yourself. It would be also beneficial for you to read about dating. When you have Asperger's, you don't often understand the sublities behind social behaviour. There are a lot of sublities and counter-intuitive psychology involved in dating and these are not apparent even to many of those who don't have Asperger's. Personally I'd recommend book called "Models" that is in my opinion one of the best (if not the best) book I've read on this subject. "Art of Seduction" also explains a lot of things more about attraction (including the reason why women become unattracted after they know that you attracted to them). You can probably find them as free online PDFs if you try.

by WhiteTigerZimri   2018-11-10

If you're a straight guy, dating apps and websites are tough as most of them have way more men on them, and men are usually much more active on them than women. For this reason I'd suggest making more of an effort to meet people in person, network and make friends. Online dating is fine as a supplement but shouldn't be your main method as it's just not effective for a lot of guys and the numbers are stacked against you.

Try local singles meet ups, speed dating events, and/or ask friends to set you up with anyone who might be suitable. If you go to meet ups that aren't for the purpose of dating, don't just zero in on the most attractive woman (or only the young single women) in the room though - that makes you look dodgy. Make sure you participate in the event and talk to a wide range of people regardless of gender, age and attractiveness. Besides, you never know which person could introduce you to your future partner. It could be the person you least expect!

Another thing you can do is get a friend or stylist to help you improve your grooming and fashion choices, to ensure you dress and present yourself in the most attractive way possible. A lot of men are terrible at this so if you make any effort at all in this area, you will probably stand out in a good way. If you can afford it, a good therapist or dating coach can also help you work through any blind spots and areas where you self-sabotage in dating.

I'd also recommend checking out this book: Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

by placethrowaway2   2018-11-10

First read The Game
Then read Models
Start there and don't come back here until you've finished.

by ThatFanficGuy   2018-11-10

To anyone wondering what's wrong with that message, I'd recommend reading Mark Manson's blog . Both elaborate extensively on strong boundries, being open and sincere about one's feelings (which Mark calls "vulnerability" — a misnomer, in my opinion) and the kinds of romantic relationships one could end up in, including abusive ones.

by IemandZwaaitEnRoept   2018-11-10

Read Models by Mark Manson. He writes that any guy will be a creep to some girls, given the right occasion. I don't see how this is different from fear of rejection. (NB: "Models" is not about how to date a photo model, it's how to model your behavior.)

by [deleted]   2018-11-10

I do agree with you but to an extent. I used to have awful social skills, was bad at reading situations and was very awkward with talking to girls. Never was an incel though, but I had so little success that I wanted to get better at it. I learnt those skills from PUA-material from Youtube and going out on a lot of dates. There is legit social psychology and self-development involved but it also depends on the teacher. I think the worst of the bunch are guys like Mystery whose methods are quite frankly shit and the guy is honestly a massive dickhead. On the other end of the spectrum I found RSD's Tyler and Mark Manson really helpful. For instance, his book "Models " is IMO one the best books I've read about dating. Many people here tend to associate PUAs with kind of manipulating sleazebags but there really is everything between manipulating sleazebags to people who teach how to have genuine and honest relationships with women without any manipulation or misogyny involved. In the end it's just one form of personal development that can be used for a lot of purposes and some of them are worse and better than others. There is a common saying in that scene if one is to leave a girl they should leave the girl in better shape than they found her.

In the end I got a lot better place with dating and in general with my life. I'm currently involved in the most mature and loving relationship I've ever been in. We both feel like we bring the best out of each other. She is an amazing person and I'm so happy that I found her.

by iamelroberto   2018-11-10

Try reading this:

by Machiavellyy   2018-11-10

Well first off I think the self awareness you have is amazing, that’s a really good trait to have.

Like the other commenter, I think 17 is a bit too young to worry about things like this. You have a VERY long life ahead of you. You should focus on school and your future as a main priority.

However, I agree that people who say “you’ll find a girlfriend naturally” are not telling the truth, or have been lucky.

I recommend looking at r/seduction. I think that finding a girl is about action, you do have to try, they just don’t come naturally. r/seduction is all about picking up women, and asking girls out, which is what every guy needs to do to get a relationship. I also heavily suggest reading Models by Mark Manson . It’s a beautiful book on being confident and getting into a relationship.

The main point is that if you want a girl you have to

1) Improve yourself. Gym, clothes, haircut 2) Ask girls out. Ask out every cute girl you see. Statistically, one girl is bound to say yes.

If you have any questions, you should begin reading the book. Good luck ��