Blindsided by the Taliban: A Journalist’s Story of War, Trauma, Love, and Loss

Author: Carmen Gentile
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by carmengentile   2018-11-10

Whew wee! That's tough question.

The long response would likely fill more pages than my book, which is a taught 240:

The short one? In hindsight, there was potentially a better way to go about that war without displacing the Taliban. Problem was, were the US to just go in and weed out Bin Laden and al Qaida, and leave the Taliban untouched, it wouldn't jive well with our whole "respect for human rights" thing. Then again, our ability to overlook that same hardline attitudes and actions in Saudi Arabia, which backed both Al Qaida and the Taliban, already contradicts that line.

Bottom line: I don't know.

Good thing I'm just a reporter and no one really listens to me anyway. I'd be a terrible global leader/decision maker.

by IamABot_v01   2018-11-10


IamA Author of critically acclaimed book "Blindsided by the Taliban." AMA!

My short bio: While embedded with US forces in eastern Afghanistan, journalist Carmen Gentile suffered one of the most unusual injuries in the annals of modern warfare when he was struck in the side of the head with a rocket-propelled grenade, shattering bones in his face and blinding him in one eye. His new book "Blindsided by the Taliban" is a dark-humored, self-deprecating account of his injury and effort to overcome his physical and psychological wounds.

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by carmengentile   2018-11-10


I actually get into my initial thoughts about rocking an eyepatch in my book "Blindsided by the Taliban."

There's a chapter in there called "Eyepatch porno fantasy."