Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs (Prentice-Hall Series in Automatic Computation)

Category: Programming
Author: Niklaus Wirth
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by todd8   2017-08-19
My daughter's first class in programming used this book. She really liked the class and still has a fondness for Scheme, although her subsequent programming classes have used Java.

I took a look at the online second edition (and I happen to have a hard copy of the first edition in my library). I like the book and believe that it is one of the best books I've seen for teaching a beginner to program. The subjects covered are non-trivial, but the book gets the students there in a well paced presentation. The book emphasizes the importance of breaking down problems into well defined parts, defining the interfaces, and implementing each part as a function that satisfies the desired contract.

If you are an experienced programmer, I believe that your time would be better spent on a book that is less oriented around teaching the basic steps that you already know. Books that I can recommend to experienced programmers interested in advanced subjects in programming:

1) Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, 2ed., by Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman, Julie Sussman. This book will teach you how to program in Scheme, and you will learn much more than just the syntax. I would consider this to be a very demanding book for a complete beginner. Available online: For a more advanced introduction to data structures I suggest MIT's Open Courseware videos taught by Professor Erik Demaine,