Foundations of Quantum Programming

Category: Computer Science
Author: Mingsheng Ying
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by techjuice   2017-08-19
As a developer you should always do the following: 1. Strive to be really good at what you do. 2. Work on continuing your education to insure you are keeping yourself knowledgable on new technology. 3. Work on growing your career, if you have been doing the same job for over three years you are becoming stagnant and complacent instead of growing as a developer and a person.

Now for your question on Quantum Computing, yes you should be getting ready for it, as it will be new technology that will help you grow. It is going to take some time to grasp what quantum computing is, the internals of it, and your going to need some time to go through creating basic applications so you can learn how to apply them to real-world problems.

So, to get you started, as those who sit and wait to be taught are those that get left behind. Here are some resources that may help you on your learning quest: Foundations of Quantum Programming -