General Systems: A Unique System to Manage Learning; Public Schools Should Learn to Ski

Category: Schools & Teaching
Author: Steve Rubin
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by Alex3917   2019-05-15
Not sure if you saw the book I linked to in my other comment, but that's the premise:

"This book compares how traditional schools can, metaphorically, act like a ski school, which temporarily organizes its students into classes where each student shares a specific and common instructional need but has previously mastered the critical prerequisites that will enable new learning to take place."

by Alex3917   2019-05-15
> I don't have a great solution to either problem.

IMHO this is basically the answer:

The idea is having different teachers for each topic rather than for each grade level, and letting kids move from one topic to the next once they master it. And having some statistical software to detect when kids are getting stuck and need outside intervention. This model is much better at teaching, produces kids who are much more engaged and self-confident about math, and is also much less expensive than the traditional model for teaching math.