Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos

Category: Graphic Novels
Author: Jim Starlin, Ron Lim
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by gray_decoyrobot   2018-11-10

Both are good but Infinity Gauntlet is a bit easier to get into than as Hickman's Infinity is a lot more continuity based. With Infinity Gauntlet you can just get these two paperbacks and read them.

I'd say Thanos Quest and Infinity Gauntlet is more important as Infinity War seems to draw more from them than Infinity.

by Tigertemprr   2018-11-10

ComicbookHerald Thanos Reading Order

Thanos Reading Order 1973-1991

   Infinity Gauntlet/War Prelude (optional):

   Infinity Gauntlet/War (1990-1993):

   Modern Thanos

by Tigertemprr   2018-11-10

> but it doesn't provide any info on them

Them? Do you mean him (Thanos)? There definitely aren't character descriptions in the /r/Marvel guide. The Marvel wikis are much better for that. Or, did you mean it doesn't provide info on the titles recommended? Like a brief synopsis for each series? I think that would be nice, but there's a lot of series in the guide = a lot of work. Each of the links provided have descriptions/info, though (Amazon, Marvel Unlimited).

Posting is definitely a good way to get the well-read fans' input for information beyond the guide. Alternatively, a lot of information like plot summaries or publication dates is always just a quick Google-search away.

> are there any good series to read before infinty war comes out?

What I posted is my answer to this. If you wanted to condense it to fewer titles:

Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos | Thanos Quest #1-2 | 1990 | Starlin

  • Thanos' resurrection, motivations, and acquisitions of the Infinity Stones from various cosmic entities like Gardener, Collector, and the Grandmaster.

Infinity Gauntlet | #1-6 | 1991 | Starlin

  • The crazy cosmic conflict across time, space, astral planes, etc. with all your favorite superheroes, some others like Nebula, Warlock, Mephisto, etc. and an all-powerful Thanos.

Infinity | #1-6, tie-ins | 2013 | Hickman | Hickman Reading Order

  • Avengers are in space uniting the universe against an ancient race, The Builders, while Thanos attacks Earth with his Black Order.

Just keep in mind that the comics are going to be very different from the movies.

by hackers_d0zen   2018-11-10

Yeah that makes sense, I hope something is included that acknowledges the problem but improves upon his 'solution'.

If you read the comics, btw, he absolutely does make the same argument as is made in this movie. It's all in this issue .