To Our Children's Children: Preserving Family Histories for Generations to Come

Author: D. G. Fulford
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by Hmack1   2019-07-21

by Hmack1   2019-07-21

Heart disease isn't the death sentence it used to be. A 4 way bypass is a new lease on life as long as he takes it seriously and focuses on his health, diet and exercise. Gave my dad an additional 20 years and he was unstoppable.

The Leukemia is the shitter, I am sorry. The best you can do for that situation is be very cognizant of her pain, and keep on top of her treatment. Make the time to spend the time. You will always be glad you did.

One of the things I have always done with my family members who were older and have since passed on, is make a video history with them. I kind of consider it my job.

Get this book

It gives you an outline.

I am sure to upload every video to the cloud and send it to every family member. I swear to you, I have been doing this for the last 50 years, and the increadable family stories, and history I have chronicled is amazing. Family members have even played some of the edited portions during important family events, and the children have been able to "meet" relatives who have passed.

I am doing this right now with my mother who was diagnosed with lung cancer. It is the best part of our day.

Good Luck to you.

by Hmack1   2019-07-21

Get this book and have her video you answering the questions.

Show her how to download the videos to the cloud.

They will be a lasting tribute to you and the generations before you.

We did this for my great grand parents, my grand parents, my sister who died of lung cancer and now my moter who is also dying of lung cancer.

Nothing, and I mean nothing is more meaningful and valuable then this. Don't worry about what you look like as you get sicker. Believe me, the generations that will be viewing these after you are gone, will not care. All they will care about is the fact that you left them this.

Get your end of life paperwork done completely, leave the passwords to the computers/phone. Leave a personal letter to your wife and each of your children, not to be opened til after your death. Those will be very meaningful to them.

Also delete any porn you may have.

May you be blessed and happy in your last days.