CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 Practice Questions Exam Cram

Author: David L. Prowse
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by Gdunge   2017-08-19

I used the practice questions only version, found at my local Barnes & Noble. Here it is on

The format of the book is four practice exams for each test, of increasing difficulty. Start at Test A and take it until you get at least 90%, then move on to B. Similarly for C and D.

It comes with an activation code to set up an account on the Pearson web site. The book says you can download a Windows program for taking practice tests, and this is true. However, Pearson now also has a web-based version of the test engine, which I recommend over the fairly creaky Winows program. (I'm running a Mac, so YMMV.)

The web-based engine is found here:

There's a bonus exam for each test on the web site/Windows program, too, which were more difficult but shorter than the A, B, C, and D tests.

The book/web test engine worked out really well for me. It's not a study guide, but I didn't have the time to read something with more pages, and there is a reasonably full explanation of all of the questions, including what the wrong answers are and why they're wrong. I found this sufficient for my study guide, although it's a bit hard to find the text again afterwards.

I ended up using the Review feature of the web test engine to list all the questions and answers, then copied this to a text file. This worked really well.

Best of luck to you!