Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager

Author: Michael Lopp
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by ransom1538   2019-01-07
+ Yes, I suggest reading his book 5 times:


by foz   2017-10-23
"Managing Humans" by Michael Lopp made a huge impression on me and my career.

Also, "The Phoenix Project" which IMO is a groundbreaking work on how to make IT/business more effective (and the start of the DevOps movement).

Even if you're not a manager, both books are very approachable and packed with great lessons about how improve and better work with people, teams, and business.

by throwmeaway32   2017-10-23
yes do it, setup 30mins per person every 2 weeks, in the meeting invite describe this is a time for discussion, feedback (for you to them and them to you), for things like career progression and also for them to ask questions they might not feel comfortable asking in a more public setting including things about product, company etc. Try to keep the time as consistent as possible and show that these are a priority for you (so don't forget, cancel them etc).

They can be tough conversations, but rewarding on both sides.

If you are leading a team of devs at the very least read these 2 books:-