Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy

Author: Carl Shapiro, Hal R. Varian
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by dredmorbius   2017-08-19
The relevant book to read on this topic is Varian and Shapiro's Information Rules. Aimed at companies, and written in the late 1990s, its concepts are now increasingly applicable to the consumer information/IT space. In particular it discusses lock-in, or what we're now calling "fucking ecosystems".

by dredmorbius   2017-08-19
Yeah, it's reasonably light, as I said. Training and end-user usage patterns (never something to be taken lightly) are probably your biggest issues.

Then again, the user experience with the leading alternative solution (MS Exchange) is so miserable that at one organization I'm aware of, the public announcement of a migration to Google Apps for Domains was greeted with a standing ovation.

Another interesting factoid: Hal Varian, co-author of Information Rules, which largely discusses strategic use of lock-in by both vendors and users, is Google's chief economist. I suspect this is a subject the organization understands well:

by davidw   2017-08-19
This book has a great treatment of the underlying economics of 'information goods' if you're interested in this kind of thing and want something a bit (well, a lot) more thorough.

One of the authors is now the chief economist at Google. I highly recommend it.