Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City

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Author: Antero Pietila
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by merrittinbaltimore   2019-11-17

Indiana (where my folks are from) was the klan capital for several years. It’s still pretty backwards there. When my dad thought about retiring there, my mom said she would have to call a divorce attorney if he did. :) They’re both really, really liberal and I don’t think it would have been a good idea.

I used to live just north of Boston (in a town known for its own long past problems, Salem) and I gotta say I heard the n word in Boston almost as much as I heard it when I lived in Tennessee.

It’s fucking everywhere.

I live in Baltimore now. We’ve got the Black Butterfly/White L issue because of years of decades of racist policies. Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City is a great book all about it!

by z3mcs   2019-11-17

We don't really need to speculate endlessly, there are entire books written about how the disparities in our community came about. We need to continue using the data and scholarship we have, including publications from professors at local universities and longstanding members of the community. It isn't simple and it is complex, for sure. But it's not a situation where we just throw our hands up and say "oh well, just send in people with guns, it's too hard to think through this situation."

by limetom   2019-07-21

If anyone is interested in a good read on how racial prejudice has shaped the very fabric of Baltimore, check out Not in My Neighborhood by Antero Pietila.

One surprising fact he dug up out of the dirty (open) secrets was that the anti-Semitic sentiment was so strong in Baltimore, a third segregated tier of housing (i.e., in addition to segregation for whites and blacks), unique to the city, catering specifically to Jews developed and was even used into the early 1970s. It was so bad that Joseph Meyerhoff (yes, that Meyerhoff), a Ukrainian Jew who's family fled the pogroms of the Russian Empire when he was 7, refused to sell or rent to other Jews (Pietila 2010: 136-140).

by [deleted]   2019-07-21

Ever heard of "books"? You should try reading one. Start with this one and this one.

Or just keep regurgitating the simplistic narratives you got fed on Buzzfeed. It's up to you.