Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of

Category: Marketing & Sales
Author: Aaron Ross, Marylou Tyler
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by forgingahead   2021-06-20
Check out Predictable Revenue - I was spinning my wheels as a technical guy for many years, and that book really clicked for me:

Also, stay away from comment boards online that denigrate sales and other normal, necessary activities for your business. If you can find a community of folks doing the same thing, that is also very helpful to keep your head in the game.

For others who are reading who may not be in SaaS yet, or who are in more services-oriented businesses, check out Built to Sell:

Sales is a skill, like programming, running, or playing an instrument. Anything learn to do it, and if you can tie decent sales ability to good technical chops to build and create, you'll be unstoppable.

by reubenswartz   2019-05-28
Check out Predictable Revenue.