Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society

Author: Eric A. Posner, E. Glen Weyl
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by yonran   2019-08-09
Have any TLDs attempted to implement a property tax on domains according to value to reduce cyber squatting? To implement a property tax, Glen Weyl and Eric Posner have proposed using self-assessment so that users pay what they want (https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Markets-Uprooting-Capitalism-...)
by dlg   2019-07-12
There's a (relatively new) book, Radical Markets[0] by Eric Posner and Glen Weyl that looks at how mechanisms for this might actually work in practice.

Core to their argument is that most things we care about in society have increasing returns to scale so that under our current system we systematically under-allocate and mis-allocate to public goods.

While I disagree with a lot of it in practice, I highly recommend reading it if you're thinking the way the parent comment of this comment does.

[0] https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Markets-Uprooting-Capitalism-...

by drinane   2019-05-06
I first heard this described in a book written by Eric A. Posner and E. Glen Weyl. The book has a lot of other cool reasonably doable ideas.


by yonran   2019-01-26
It’s true that the current income tax has shortcomings due to the mobility of capital owners. I think it would promote competition to focus more on wealth taxes on immobile assets (on e.g. land, patents, spectrum, and ownership of networks) as an alternative to some income taxation. See e.g. Glen Weyl’s book Radical Markets on this topic (https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Markets-Uprooting-Capitalism-... https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2818494)
by avyfain   2018-10-08
The seminal paper on this topic seems to be Anticompetitive Effects of Common Ownership[0] by Azar et al, and there's a whole chapter on this topic in Radical Markets[1], a recent book by Eric Posner and Glen Weyl. Both are worth reading if this is a topic you're interested in.

[0] https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Markets-Uprooting-Capitalism-...