Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers

Author: Geoffrey A. Moore
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by mathattack   2017-08-19
Geoffrey Moore covers this in Crossing the Chasm [1]. He basically suggests that you have to specialize in an industry vertical to get beyond the early adopters and into the masses. Once you cross enough verticals, then you can come back and be a more general product.

I've also heard YAGNI [2] shouted at generalizations. People can spend too much time generalizing problems for broader application that never comes. I don't know the right answer here, as it seems hard to measure how likely it will be that any generalization will be reused later. Perhaps it's ultimately judgment.



by Flemlord   2017-08-19
Crossing the Chasm - Geoffrey Moore

by SuperChihuahua   2017-08-19
I think one book you might want to read is: "Selling in a new marketspace: Getting Customers to Buy Your Innovative and Disruptive Products"

One other book that is considered a classic is "Crossing the chasm"