NHibernate in Action

Author: Christian Bauer, Gavin King
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TopTalkedBooks posted at August 20, 2017

This question will answer most of what you need. To summarise:

TopTalkedBooks posted at August 20, 2017

The resources mentioned in the 101 tutorial for setting up nhibernate? are all still valid I think, the 'Summer Of Nhibernate' set of screen casts that are mentioned in that answer are especially good.

I also enjoyed the Tekpub Nhibernate screen casts with Oren Eni and Rob Conery, even though they do cost a small amount to watch.

As far as books are concerned the Manning Nhibernate book is good but is getting a little dated now, Packt Publishing have released a couple of Nhibernate books in the past year or so 'NHibernate 2.x Beginner's Guide' and 'NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook' which although I've only dipped in out of, both look good.

Scott Millet has written a number of books for Wrox many of which use Nhibernate extensively in the code samples, I particularly enjoyed 'Professional Enterprise .NET'.

Finally there is an episode of the Hanselminutes podcast featuring Jason Dentler the author of the 'NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook', I found that to be an enjoyable and interesting discussion regarding Nhibernate and ORMs in general.

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