Category: Genre Fiction
Author: Luther Blissett
This Month Reddit 8


by Knight_of_the_Lepus   2018-11-10

I just brought this up on their subreddit.

First they scoffed because it was buzzfeed.

So, I linked to the actual book on Amazon .

And got banned. =)

by Spiel_Foss   2018-11-10

> Qanon


This "Q" bullshit is without a doubt the most hilarious LARP troll of the era. But future historians will need some levity in an otherwise horrific story.

by Spiel_Foss   2018-11-10


Especially since it's easy to trace the origin and content of the troll.

You can't really even laugh at this stupidity since it's so sad. A sizable percentage of my fellow citizens are complete idiots. Fox News and Walmart seem to be the height of cognition.