Eclipse Rich Client Platform: Designing, Coding, and Packaging Java¿ Applications

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Author: Jeff McAffer, Jean-Michel Lemieux
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by mmattax   2019-07-21

I have experience with the Eclipse RCP and would recommend it.


  • Components - component / plu-in model allows for reuse.
  • Uses SWT and JFace which allows for native looking UI
  • Pluggable Views, Editors, and Perspectives make layouts easy and configurable.
  • Eclipse extension points make extending and integration with 3rd party APIs and tools easy.


  • Learning curve

If you choose Eclipse RCP, defiantly get this book, it is invaluble when just starting out with the framework:

by mmattax   2019-07-21

I can't say enough about the Eclipse RCP platform. I would recommend it for any Java desktop app development.

It's free, has great tutorials, and allows cross-platform development of rich desktop applications that use native OS windowing toolkit, meaning that your application will look native in any platform. It also has a clean API that stays out of your way, and makes deploying to any platform a piece of cake.

If your interested check out this book:

by mmattax   2019-07-21

I have done quite a bit with an RCP application that made use of multiple plug-ins. This book helped me tremendously in all fronts: RCP framework and plug-in development:

The book walks you through the development of a IM chat client using RCP and plug-in development.

Also the eclipse site and IBM have some pretty good tutorials, here is one:

by binil   2017-08-20

RCP has a bigger learning curve, but once you learn the basics the Eclipse IDE itself supports building RCP applications very well. I have only built a plugin for NetBeans (not build a full-fledged application), and the learning curve was lesser than for the RCP application. The book Eclipse Rich Client Platform: Designing, Coding, and Packaging Java(TM) Applications provides a detailed introduction to building RCP applications.

by anjanb   2017-08-20

Pretty much any java, eclipse, netbeans swing books should to the trick.

1) FREE --- Thinking in Java (
2) CORE java , vol 1 and 2
3) Swing hacks :
4) netbeans RCP : 5) eclipse Rich client programming --

Hope this helps.