Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace)

Author: Chade-Meng Tan, Daniel Goleman, Jon Kabat-Zinn
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by mettamage   2019-07-12
If I'm going to believe anything, I'd need a longitudinal study of about 5 years.

I find 5 years to be a good hallmark to see whether something had an actual strong impact in my own life (e.g. regarding reading self-help books such as Search Inside Yourself [1] or Steve Pavlina's blog post on how to rock at university [2] -- sorry for being slightly off-topic but these two things changed my life).



by rdslw   2018-01-07
This is very good book teaching about mediation in a geeks way:

Highly recommended.

by rdslw   2017-10-13
That google guy who wrote the book disagrees:

p.s. book is worth read IMO.