AIDS And the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic

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Author: Alan Cantwell
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by DisregardedWhy   2018-11-10

Over the years I've seen raging emotive unproductive 'debates' about vaccines. It's yet-another divide & conquer ploy by the government to ensure we never unite. 'WE THE PEOPLE' need to stop fighting with one another. Stop with absurd emotional and passion-based rants. Stop cursing and name-calling. Ignore all trolls/shills. REPEAT: IGNORE IT ALL. ONLY POST THE FACTS are designed, patented, and . See:

by DisregardedWhy   2018-11-10

Testing antibody positive for any microbe is meaningless. Antibodies are good, not bad. It means the body works properly. I often wonder just how many healthy people have committed suicide over freakin' positive antibodies. Depopulation at its finest here, folks.

by DisregardedWhy   2018-11-10

> Your devotion to your ignorance is inspiring.

Oh wait, I see it now, our government is going out of its way to devotedly help gays, Africa Americans, IV-users, AND poor Africans get better... AND live longer, healthier lives. :-/ Your inspirational intellect and grasp of vast worldly issues are just so contagious that (just by your mental clarity) you've single-handedly saved my mind from the perils of ruin. /s

"In this well-documented expose of AIDS and cancer research, Dr. Cantwell links the outbreak of AIDS in the late 1970s to the government-sponsored hepatitis B viral vaccine experiments that used gay men as guinea pigs in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. African AIDS traces back to smallpox vaccine programs conducted in Africa in the mid-1970s. The only book that clearly explains why AIDS is a man-made epidemic produced by a genetically-engineered, laboratory-produced virus."