On Solitude (Penguin Great Ideas)

Category: Philosophy
Author: Michel de Montaigne


by rramadass   2019-07-20
I am not aware of any one book which will teach you "How to love and live in Solitude":-) But the domain of Philosophy shows you the importance of "turning inward", "resting in oneself" and in general "living apart from the ceaseless and inane activity of the world".

The Ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Greek philosophical texts are the forerunners. The concept of "Renunciation"(Sanskrit: Sannyasa) under the Vedanta school in Hinduism is worth studying. One excellent and succinct text is the "Ashtavakra Gita" (https://www.amazon.com/Solitude-Penguin-Great-Ideas/dp/01413...

PS: I believe some of the Christian theologians/philosophers (St. Augustine?) have also written something on the subject though i don't know much about those works.