The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel (Revised Edition) (Collins Business Essentials)

Author: Benjamin Graham
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The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of Practical Counsel (Revised Edition) (Collins Business Essentials)


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by doverthere   2019-01-13

Read: The Intelligent Investor . It's one of the best books you can read if you're interested in investing.

Investopedia university has plenty of great articles to read. Investopedia also has a stock simulator which you can use to practice with fake money.

Then go listen to some podcasts related to stock markets. Motley Fool Answers is a good podcast with some good financial advice and their mailbag episodes are helpful. There's plenty out there

by BeatElite   2019-01-13

The last Willey "for dummies" series I got was the how to land an IT job one and most of them were easy to read and had some decent pointers. That being said I'm always skeptical on getting stock market books. I own The intelligent investor and also have listened to Money Management Skills on the great courses audible series and I can say that phrase I keep hearing the most is that "you can't beat the market".

The average person who goes on etrade or Robin hood doesn't have the same resources as those higher up do with computers that can process hundreds of trades in the blink of an eye or potential insider sources . We also get emotional over stocks and find it hard to disassociate ourselves from our losses and boast about our gains. Getting someone else to manage your portfolio is also costly and you can most likely get better gains as long as you diversify your stocks in a mutual index fund. That's just a bit of what I learned and I suggest getting those 2 books/audiobooks that I recommend. I still believe the dummies books will be good, but from what I read, you'll have much more stress trying to maximize gains individually actively rather than take a backseat in a well diversified portfolio

by indexinvestoreu   2019-01-13

I would recommend against buying individual stocks for any non-sophisticated investors. There is wide research that shows that most active investors can't consistently get good returns on individual stocks. The bogleheads wiki elaborates on this topic (

If you do wish to invest in individual stocks I think you may need to devote time to do thorough research on your investments. I seriously don't think some stocks recommendations on reddit are going to be very useful. The learnings of the Intelligent Investor ([ ) are a good start.


by firstreminder   2018-11-10

Easiest thing you could do is put as much as you can into the Vanguard 2065 retirement fund and max out retirement accounts. Best thing would be to pick safe companies, pay attention read their proxy statements and vote sensibly, not giving the board whatever they suggest. This is the downside of index funds, which agree with the board over 90% of the time because they have too many positions to track.


by ShrinknShrivel   2018-11-10

The best advice I can think of is for you to start here:

by NorthSuperior   2018-11-10

by utahphil   2018-11-10

Seriously, close your browser and start reading.

by TOMtheCONSIGLIERE   2018-11-10

Some books, read them all (in no particular order):


Book #1


Book #2


Book #3


Book #4

by mepcotterell   2018-11-10

First thing's first: Crash Course for New Investors.

Then, look up The Intelligent Investor .

by akaganyaku   2018-03-19

The Intelligent Investor , it's pretty dry, but WOW really teaches you about investing and changes your perspective on your finances