To Train Up a Child-Child Training for the 21st Century Updated and Expanded: New Material Added!

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Author: Michael Pearl, Debi Pearl
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by WinningAlwaysWinning   2018-11-10

Posted from elsewhere:

There's a few things I am bothered about:

  1. Most importantly, I am VERY DISTURBED by people posting identifiable pictures of children. People MUST black out enough so that the children are not identifiable. Otherwise we're basically humiliating the child and family.
  2. Secondly, there seems to be more and more silly/embarassing, but non-abusive, behavior. While I'm personally private, the world is such that there are a lot of people who "live-blog" their days, and it's unclear that this is immoral or abusive. It's also very unclear WHO the audience of these posts are - is it just friends, family, acquaintances? Are these private, hidden groups? Cherry-picking posts out of this trend can make people appear falsely abusive, and it's vicious defamation.
  3. I wonder if posters actually understand what standards for childcare and medical help are. A lot of mild illnesses (low fever, transient rash) are firmly things that parents can handle at home, and are supposed to handle at home. There's another long list of things where a call to the doctor is appropriate (higher fever, serious cuts and bruises), but would be very unlikely to require a visit to the doctor. And even of the things that require doctor trips, few are emergencies. The sensible well-educated parent does not make emergency appointments for every hitch in childhood, in fact, someone who does would be likely to have mental problems.
  4. It's also worth mentioning that there are genuinely quite a few medical professionals that have hippie or neglectful practices, and it takes a fairly savvy, educated, and confident parent to actually suss out the bullshit. And I mean properly certified people like MDs, RNs, PAs and the like. Where I live, baby chiropractors are regularly referred by pediatricians. My psychiatrist gave me a list of herbal teas to switch to (from my very much needed lifesaving medication), FFS. So I don't think encouraging people to jump to blaming the parent is sensible.

In the context of growing up in a genuinely abusive household, and seeing the ridiculous amount of ACTUAL child abuse out there, I think it's worth having some standards.

What I see is a lot of castigation of silly and/or lower-class parents while giving most of actual casual abuse a free pass. There's tons of parents who threaten physical and sexual abuse on social media, not to mention confess to actually following through.

There are whole movements that suggest systematic emotional and physical abuse. To Train Up a Child has sold over a MILLION copies, and suggests BEATING BABIES.

Let's have some context here.

by cchings   2018-11-10

I don't know if it is explicitly called for, but they were heavily influenced by this book

by HollywooAccounting   2018-11-10

If they could spank a fetus, they would.

The only reason you'd care about a fetus more than a child is because you hate women anyway.

Hell, check out the "frequently bought together" books. Its all 'how to be a subservient wife' Atwood-esque dystopian hell books.