Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

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Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
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by lisper   2022-09-23
This essay is getting a surprising amount of hate, and I must confess that my first impression on reading it was that it sounded an awful lot like a Robert Kiyosaki book [1]. But then I followed the two links in the essay [2] [3] and that put it into perspective: the thing that Paul learned from his users is that they are looking for The Answer, the formula, the procedure for how to succeed, and there is no such formula. It's like Goedel's incompleteness theorem, except that it's not a theorem. People come to YC and buy Robert Kiyosaki's books hoping to find an Answer that simply doesn't exist.

The difference between Paul and Robert is that Paul is up-front about this while Robert is cagey and deceptive and makes his money by stringing people along thinking that The Answer can be found by buying one more of his books. But I think a lot of the hate here is driven by disappointment that Paul is honest, and that his answer is that there is no Answer. It can be frustrating to hear that (which is also something that Paul explicitly points out).





by revelreveler   2019-07-21

Spending is like alcohol addiction or really any other have to stare into the abyss to realize you don’t want to be there.

I was very similar...and stupid with money at your age. The only financial advice my dad gave me was “always pay off your credit card every month” that was it. No information on how to budget, save invest, start a Roth IRA, etc.

I was on a dumb path when a friend of mine had me read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and it seriously changed my life on how I viewed money. He doesn’t give investment advice and there’s a lot of fluff. But he tells you how to make it work for you.

Rich dad poor dad:

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

Seems like for you, you need to put money where you can’t touch it. Do you spend 200$ a month on crap that you could put into a Roth IRA that you can’t touch it? If you did, you’d have over half a million dollars by the time you retired-and that only assumes 6% annual gains.

Here is another book that could help you change your behavior, it’s a workbook with some stuff in there about changing your financial patterns....if debt is under control, you’re in an excellent position to get a huge jumpstart on your life...and the sense of freedom that goes along with having zero debt...or really is amazing. get this book, do the worksheets, follow the sister and spouse paid off 80k of student loans and consumer debt in 18 months doing this plan...if you have no debt, it’s all savings man! Total Money Makeover. The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

Edit-in the meantime, have you thought about giving your parents more control rather than just holding you accountable? Are they good with money? Could they help you come up with a plan to build your savings?

by Americanglock   2019-07-21

Not all Puerto Ricans are a mix, most are actually pure Spaniard (white). He's not trying to make you feel bad. He just wants to share some information. What's wrong with that? All of his research is correct. I know, I'm from Spain. He's really just saying 'Hispanic' is just a title and that Puerto Ricans (by DNA) are white people too. I know Puerto Ricans don't care about race. They're very awesome and warm people. I love them. I really do. His research was meant to highlight Spanish ancestry just like Italians like to brag about the Romans (which is older than Spain's history). If they can brag then so can Spaniards and he did mention it was good for Americans to know this because you have a president that did not want to help Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria just because they have a tan. Americans knowing that Puerto Ricans are white too might help expose the moron in the white house for the fat, dumb traitor that he really is. Fuck him and his family. I really mean that. Just know more support Puerto Ricans in the US and the world than don't. Stay strong. I understand where you're coming from. He meant well, he really did. He's trying to help Puerto Rico in a very sophisticated manner. I'm impressed. Let him do his thing. Also, you mentioned he was an idiot for being anti-vaxx. Well, he's actually one of the smart ones. I'll tell you why. Someone found out those vaccines are weaponized to target African and other genes to then make that person a bit dumber or even Autistic. The CDC has been caught numerous times covering up facts. Don't trust them. Remember what the US government has done against Puerto Ricans. They've experimented with them in the past and have put fluoride in their water for decades (since they got here) to make them slower and more violent. Drink and cook with pure water. I wouldn't vaccinate my children or give the flu shot. A CDC scientist that exposed flu shots were weaponized to spread the flu was found dead. Aim to be financially independent (which is the most important thing) through your own business or real estate. A 8-month entrepreneur certificate (not a degree that requires other classes first) assisted living centers which will out-perform rental and industrial real estate for the next decade are better investments than working to build someone else's dream for the rest of your life. Fuck clocking in and out for life. REBEL. Supplement your social security with an annuity. Shop and research first obviously. Break free from the rat race. Take care. I mean that. Save and learn how to open your own assisted living center through these people and read these two books:

by danentre   2019-07-21

@DrFeelFantastic is actually right. At least therapists in Germany are really great. Just on your first appointment you do a really deep psychological analysis and your lifes will get upside down. You start to recognize all your deep blockades and you are instantly able to dissolve them.

> Fucking read.

Yeah man, after I read Rich Dad Poor Dad I started personal development and life growed day by day