Victory in Vietnam: The Official History of the People's Army of Vietnam, 1954-1975 (Modern War Studies)

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Author: Merle L. Pribbenow
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by Paradigma11   2018-11-10
"That's a pretty hard thing to explain." Well, the vietnamese army say that they did it by leaving 10 000 vietcong in the south after the separation and rapidly subsumed all resistance movements as front organisations under direct northern control. The south was thoroughly corrupt, brutal and inept but having another state sponsoring and controlling a guerilla war in your country could not have helped.
by Paradigma11   2018-11-10
"The north had little involvement until mid-1968."

That's neither the position of vietnam nor the US. Even during the separation the North left 10 000 vietcongs in the south to sow discord and guerrila activities. The different opposition organisations were soon under direct control from the north.

At least that is what the "People's Army of Vietnam" is saying which can be read here: