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Author: Ivan Savov
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by ivan_ah   2018-01-12
> staff heard that some students were skipping meals in order to afford textbooks


If you're a freshman in college, please check out my book: It's super affordable and it will get you through MECHANICS and CALCULUS without too much suffering.

by ivan_ah   2018-01-07
I have quite a few adult readers using my book to refresh and re-learn basic calculus and mechanics. You might consider checking it out[1]. It's not free, but very affordable.

[1] preview:

by ivan_ah   2017-11-30
Shameless plug, I wrote a book that you can read and learn the first-year science essentials: calculus and mechanics, for the price of a 24 case of beer:

You won't get a degree or anything, but the knowledge will last with you longer than the case of beer ;)