No bullshit guide to math and physics

Author: Ivan Savov
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No bullshit guide to math and physics


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by ivan_ah   2018-02-18
"Pay the authors" is a really good strategy to incentivize the production of quality content. Get rid of the publishers and just have a short supply chain: author --print_on_demand--> readers. With a price tag in the 20-50 range, a prof could make a living from this book, even if the book isn't popular. When using print-on-demand and cutting out all the middlemen, the margins are very good (50% of list price vs 5% if going with mainstream publisher).

The useful part of a publisher is developmental editing (product) and copy editing (Q/A), so there is an opportunity for "lightweight" publishing companies that help expert authors produce the book—like self publishing, but you don't have to do the boring parts. I'm working in that space. We have two textbooks out: and

by ivan_ah   2018-01-12
> staff heard that some students were skipping meals in order to afford textbooks


If you're a freshman in college, please check out my book: It's super affordable and it will get you through MECHANICS and CALCULUS without too much suffering.

by ivan_ah   2018-01-07
I have quite a few adult readers using my book to refresh and re-learn basic calculus and mechanics. You might consider checking it out[1]. It's not free, but very affordable.

[1] preview:

by ivan_ah   2017-11-30
Shameless plug, I wrote a book that you can read and learn the first-year science essentials: calculus and mechanics, for the price of a 24 case of beer:

You won't get a degree or anything, but the knowledge will last with you longer than the case of beer ;)