The Sociopath Next Door

Category: Relationships
Author: Martha Stout
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by ThreadbareHalo   2021-12-10

Redirect the attack, maintain moral high ground, make moral based attacks you don't care about and think will put others not like you on the defensive, never ever doubt yourself for a single second, have the perception you understand the real working of the world as an empathy-less game that people with empathy don't understand, general lack of empathy [1]

  • some of the warning signs of sociopathy

[1] The Sociopath Next Door

by ThreadbareHalo   2021-12-10

This is actually a good psychology issue. When presented with a sociopath people impress upon them expectations of moral shame, etc. that aren't possible for them. Some people are just learning to be perceptive of it. Good reading on this phenomenon is [1]

[1] The Sociopath Next Door

by wonderfvl   2019-11-17

before you do, better read this book...

by FolkSong   2019-11-17

Sociopathy is more common than most people realize. 1 in 25 according to this.

I think most of us had more exposure to them in childhood because they tend to get removed from mainstream society as they get older (either incarcerated or self-segregated as they get into organized crime etc). Or they learn how to hide it.

by Chrsch   2019-11-17

Roughly 1 in 25 people are sociopaths, so of course the vast majority are non violent. Still, it isn't something that can ever be cured and the sociopath themselves would never see it as something needing to be "fixed", they simply will not and cannot ever care about that fact despite any violent or non-violent mayhem they might cause.

I am coming off of recently reading The Sociopath Next Door which is definitely biased against those with the condition and may be coloring my own perceptions here.

by windmillpowerdrill   2019-11-17

That is not a stupid question. I had a lot of the same questions and this book was really insightful.

by GETitOFFmeNOW   2019-11-17

I was reading a book about sociopaths and the author said that when asked, one particular sociopath told her what he wanted from people was pity so he could manipulate them.