Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right

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by Mbwapuppy   2019-08-24

Also, check out r/puppy101, which has a nice FAQ/wiki with guides to basic stuff such as house training and crate training. And get yourself some good books. Sophia Yin's Perfect Puppy in 7 Days is nice. So is Patricia McConnell's Puppy Primer. There's also a free e-book by called Growing Up FDSA. I confess I haven't read that one carefully (been a while since I had a puppy), but I know that the author has a solid reputation, and I've heard good things about it. Good luck!

by Barkbringer   2019-08-24

Watch Simpawtico's video on bite inhibition. It is VERY helpful and that is training you want to start with right away. I prefer Simpawtico and Kikopup to Zak George. They are much more thorough regarding the reasons why you are doing what you're doing and the time/steps involved. Zak George's videos are at least 20% dog food ads.

  1. Stock up your house with lots of people food and supplies before the puppy comes home so you can take care of yourself too.
  2. Read the wiki here.
  3. Read this.
  4. Be patient with the puppy, and easy on yourself. You will be very, very tired and it can make everything feel much more difficult than it may actually be.
by labolaenlaingle   2019-08-24

Si el desafío de entrenarlo me parece apasionante y además muy importante siendo que va a ser tu compañero incondicional por más de una década.

Te paso links para que sepas cuales son:

by jammerzee   2018-11-10

This is a good book to help you train your pups and keep your sanity: Sophia Yin’s Perfect Puppy in 7 Days

Crate training is very good idea. An alternative is to get playpens for the dogs.

The pups do sound unusually destructive! I would consider a vet visit. As well as checking physical health, the vet will be able to help you identify whether the behaviour merits a referral And will be able to help you find a trainer to do a home visit to check your pups have got what they need to grow up as well behaved, happy relaxed pups

Having 2 puppies of the same age is very hard work. You will need to gradually train them to be alone (apart from each other, in separate rooms). You will need to train them separately and walk them separately. I would advise you to return one of the dogs, for their sake and for yours. Here’s why:

by jammerzee   2018-11-10

The main priority is to familiarise the dog with the world at large (especially potentially ‘scary’ things) and encourage appropriate behaviour around other dogs within the ‘critical period’ or ‘sensitive period’ for socialisation - which ends at around 16 weeks.

You want to start this process ASAP. Don’t wait until week 11 let alone week 14.

The main benefit of puppy school is the opportunity for pups to experience being around a variety of other dogs, learn to be calm and think (focus on you) even around other dogs, and learn how to interact nicely with other dogs.

You will also learn some basics of dog training to help with teaching nice manners. But that is kind of secondary.

If you are particularly keen to work with the week 16 trainer, maybe do both?!

Here’s a socialisation list you can get started on sooner rather than later

And to ‘fill in the gaps’ of puppy school training (or start sooner rather than later) this is a great book.

by BlueBG82   2018-11-10

Cattle dogs are a handful. Is this your first puppy?

As far as playing with other dogs, its okay to let them appropriately tell the pup they've had enough. This is how puppies learn.

r/dogtraining has a really good wiki all about training

If you like books, Sophia Yin has an excellent one

by helleraine   2017-08-19

> Any books or guides you recommend?

> Crate recommendations (we will be doing crate training)

Crate Games and the weekend crate training plan -- adjust as necessary for your dog. Remember, never reward the dog for crying if you know they don't need anything (aka, they've been pottied, fed, etc).

> What should we be prepared for? What will a rough schedule be like for having a puppy around? When do we start leaving the crate open and letting him roam all day?

It can be a bit rough the first two weeks, but get onto a schedule you like ASAP. Feed at x AM, potty after, feed again at x AM/PM, etc. It'll make your life substantially easier. I take water away just before our last potty for the evening. You can start leaving the crate open and letting him roam after the teenage-angst-kill-everything phase. That'll vary by dog.

> There are always debates on the best dog food for puppies and adults, so any input on that would be awesome as well

For the first month, keep the puppy on whatever s/he's on. It makes it substantially easier. Too much change can really upset their digestive system. :) Honestly, I'm a firm believer in keeping your dog on what they do well on.

> When we get him, should we take him right to a vet for a check up, to get established there or no? Are there routine/annual checkups we should be doing?

I personally would. Shelters aren't always the most thorough in their examinations. It isn't really their fault. But, it also allows you to start the socialization process for the vet. Take lots of treats, and reward heavily during the exam - reward whilst the mouth is looked at, paws, etc. It's never too early to start that. Just keep him/her crated or off the floor until s/he's had all the vaccinations!

by helleraine   2017-08-19

I like Ian Dunbar's Before and After . Also, The Puppy Primer and Perfect Puppy .

by hashtagcookies   2017-08-19

I would recommend to crate train him. After he is 1 year old and has had no accidents in the house, he can sleep on your bed. But starting this precedence now of allowing him to sleep with you means that you'll never be able to have him in a crate as an adult without him whining. Put a kong toy with peanut butter in the crate at the 4:30 am mark after he has gone potty, so he isn't restless. Source: Sophia Yin's Puppy Book (I'm 75% done reading it, and 10/10 recommend).