Building Virtual Machine Labs: A Hands-On Guide

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About This Book

Virtualization is a skill that most IT or security pros take for granted. The sheer number of choices and requirements can be a daunting challenge to face for beginners and veterans alike.

With this book, you'll learn how to build a robust, customizable virtual environments suitable for both a personal home lab, as well as a dedicated office training environment.

You will learn how to:

- Understand the mechanics of virtualization and how they influence the design of your lab

- Build an extensive baseline lab environment on any one of five commonly used hypervisors (VMware vSphere Hypervisor, VMware Fusion, VMware Workstation, Oracle Virtualbox, and Microsoft Client Hyper-V)

- Harden your lab environment against VM escapes and other security threats

- Configure the pfSense firewall distribution to provide security, segmentation, and network services to your virtual lab

- Deploy either Snort or Suricata open-source IDS platforms in IPS mode to further enhance the flexibility, segmentation and security of your lab network - Deploy Splunk as a log management solution for your lab

- Reconfigure the provided baseline lab environment to better suit your individual needs Easy to follow steps and illustrations provide detailed, comprehensive guidance as you build your custom-tailored lab.

Both IT and security professionals need practice environments to better hone their craft. Learn how to build and maintain your own with Building Flexible Virtual Machine Labs


by strictnein   2017-08-19
Yep, great stuff.

Also available in dead tree format: