The Oasis of Now: Selected Poems (Lannan Translations Selection Series)

Category: Poetry
Author: Kazim Ali, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati


by salimmadjd   2018-07-16
The Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad.

Joseph Conrad was 50 to 100 years ahead of his time. His story of European exploitation of Africa and the underlying racism that empowered that still, sadly has many parallels to our world.

It's a novella so it's quick read, with beautiful pros. Interestingly enough, English was not Conrad's native language. But you couldn't tell that from his prose.

The movie, Apocalypse Now was loosely based and inspired by this this book with some dialogues completely copied over.

There is an audiobook version of it on iTunes [0] by Ralph Cosham. His narrative voice is so soothing that I listen to it sometime to fall asleep when I'm unable to turn off my brain.