The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge

Category: Marketing & Sales
Author: Doc Searls
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by olivermarks   2019-03-31
Doc Searles subsequently wrote a good 2012 book 'The intention Economy' 'Caveat venditor—let the seller beware' 'While marketers look for more ways to get personal with customers, including new tricks with “big data,” customers are about to get personal in their own ways, with their own tools. Soon consumers will be able to:

• Control the flow and use of personal data • Build their own loyalty programs • Dictate their own terms of service • Tell whole markets what they want, how they want it, where and when they should be able to get it, and how much it should cost

And they will do all of this outside of any one vendor’s silo. '

Another lap of utopian 'what the world could look like' which is a good thing IMO. The reality though is that the few big platform companies literally 'crushed it' a decade ago and now dominate everything from the stock market to retail, socializing, information flows etc and the earnest pre Web 2.0 philosophers seem naive and simplistic in their 20+ year old vision....