Design and Analysis of Experiments

Category: Mathematics
Author: Douglas C. Montgomery


by anonymous   2017-09-18

You have Minitab as a tag on this question; that said, Minitab has an excellent capability to help in planning DOEs. Go to the Assistant menu, then DOE, then Plan and Create...

If you click "Create Modeling Design" in the optimization experiment path, it will give you the setup screen where you can specify response, optimization objective, factors, etc. Notice that the design is a typical factorial-type design where low/high values are used in each experimental run. This should give good results, but just to let you know there are other design types that can be even better given the circumstances of each situation. For instance, you mentioned these are software experiments -- there is a nice design called a "Space Filling Design" which creates factor design points (not necessarily at low/high values) to optimally fill the design search space. These designs are often used for computer simulation experiments.

An excellent text on DOE is