Dungeon Master's Screen Reincarnated (Dungeons & Dragons)

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by Paulluxx9000   2019-11-17


by stevensydan   2019-11-17

I have the Starter Kit and am planning to buy the Essentials Kit today.

I however think the Essentials Kit is better to get first. The Starter Kit has less dice, no maps, no rule book that actually has character creation, and no beginner friendly information cards. Also, since the Starter Set was released in 2014, I personally believe the Essentials Kit will have a better campaign that improves what the previous one lacks.

After the Essentials Kit, the Starter Kit can probably be used mainly as an expansion to Phandelver.

Edit: also the DM Screen looks pretty but as others have stated, is cheap material. I plan on just using it as a skin to my real DM screen.

by theorin331   2019-11-17

The DM screen is VERY flimsy. It's not made out of the normal hardcover material of other DM screens, but is instead just stock paper.

If your issue is with the DM screen, the redesigned DM screen is a better use of your money.

by ranhalt   2019-08-24

The official one you can get for $10? https://www.amazon.com/Dungeon-Masters-Screen-Reincarnated-Wizards/dp/078696619X/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=dm+screen&qid=1557429994&s=gateway&sr=8-2

by PittsburghDan   2019-08-24

maybe a DM screen if he doesn't have one


by NoWordsJustBirds   2019-07-21

I underestimated how useful that DM screen is for quick reference. It has so much useful stuff and constantly referencing all the material slows down gameplay to a crawl. I eventually could pull it off the top of my head, but it vastly improved immersion/fun when I picked it up. I got this one but there are others

by MelissaJuice   2019-07-21

The standard 5E DM screen is excellent.

The starter set is also excellent.

by Typhron   2019-07-21
  • Ask everyone interested in playing when they're available. Time management is the only way to defeat the time boss.

  • Take notes, and ask/reward those players that take notes. This not only good for keep track of backstories and player stats, but also player behavior and how you can adjust the story to such. Improv is important in D&D, and preparation is one part of practice.

  • Make a friggun DM screen. Geek and Sundry/Matt Mercer made a video on it, and you can buy premade ones for about $10 on Amazon, but do yourself a massive favor and try to make one yourself with the information you might want to keep in mind. The personal touch makes all the difference, and there are probably things not covered by the the PHB/DMG/official screen that you may want to add (for instance, a Wild Magic table if that comes up often in your games).

  • Stress ball/fidgetspinnercube/a thing to fiddle with other than die, and a water bottle. You'll understand.