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Author: Manu Saadia
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by Inquisitiveone   2019-01-01
I have been reading a lot in all kinds of places about what the future might hold for us a species, how we could go about becoming sustainable, do less harm to nature, fix the environment, help the poor, etc.

I understand that the fix is not something that can be applied to certain areas but rather a chain fix

For this post (one of many to come) i would like to know has anyone had the chance to:

-Read about Jacque Fresco and his work - Fresco


-Check out the Venus Project -

-Watch his interview with Larry King 1974 -

-What are your thoughts on Jacque

-Are you familiar with any similar projects or anything related with the same topic (please share resources)

-Do you think we could achieve the Venus Project or Star Trek economics: -

-Feel free to add anything that might be of value to the discussion

I am aware that there is so much in this web of life that we can’t just simple switch to a new way of life, or maybe even thinking about it is hard or not?

would you say that perhaps the way for a better tomorrow would start with a new way of education system? one which transcends borders, nationalities or anything else that might, how should say, in way cripple the logical and what is right thinking.

I understand it’s a bit broader topic, but it’s my first try so feel free to share constructive feedback on both the question and how to improve this and future questions to get the most out of it.

Thank you all!