Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice

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by gringoDan   2018-11-15
I recommend Bill Browder's book for a further backstory about how all of this came about. If you can get over the self-aggrandizing language, it's a really interesting perspective on business dealings amongst the elites in Russia.

by MarioneTTe-Doll   2018-11-10

People, if you haven't read Bill Browder's Red Notice , it's high time you do. This lead to the Magnitsky Act, which is one of the biggest things that Putin and Russia's oligarchs want removed.

If you think that any US citizen that Russia wants to "question" will come back the same person (or come back at all), you're deluding yourselves. Russia has repeatedly tried to get Browder arrested and sent to Russia using fraudulent Red Notices, which Interpol have repeatedly refused to honor because they're so obviously corrupt.

Russia wants Browder, and they'll use any means to get him. Sending Americans over to be "questions" gives the sham of an "investigation" they're running legitimacy.

Don't let them succeed.

by mac_question   2018-11-10

Wow. WOW. Looking forward to hearing Bill Browder's perspective on this.

by the_mad_scientist   2018-11-10

Which would be quite a feat for Bill Browder, as Magnitsky died in jail, never having been released since his arrest.

I'll plug his book, Red Notice , an interesting read and regardless of your political beliefs, is an incredible story and certainly shows the state of affairs in Russia and why they are so intent on overturning the Magnitsky Act.

For those that don't want to read it Browder gives a more concise version in an interview: here

by killjoywashere   2017-11-07
If you haven't read Bill Browder's Red Notice, read it now. Wow. Wow. Just wow. YCombinator is in the Kremlin's pocket. Wow. I fully expect this to be downvoted to oblivion. But wow.

In essence, Putin used Browder's investigations of Gazprom and other oligarch-controlled Russian businesses (huge national orgs that were privatized after the collapse of the Soviet Union) to jail the richest man in Russia, effectively making all the oligarchs his bitches.

Milner is investing oligarch money. These people will kill you (see: Sergei Magnitsky). How bad do you want Milner' money now?