12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Author: Jordan B. Peterson
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by Francis_Dollar_Hide   2021-12-10

Hello mate, I am also from the North of England, heres my advice:Forget retraining, forget courses, get in at the ground level and learn on the job.(You may need to get your CSCS card: https://www.cscs.uk.com/)

  1. Get into physical shape, start working out. You don't need a gym, you can use your own body weight and Calisthenics. Try r/bodyweightfitness this will help you to improve your sense of self worth and give you motivation to succeed in other areas.
  2. I've always relied on manual labor to make money when in a tight spot. If you are prepared to work hard in unpleasant conditions you will find work. I've poured concrete, replaced rail lines at 3am in February, I've worked at a sewage plant.Try here: https://www.indeed.co.uk/Labourer-jobs-in-North-East
  3. Read this: https://www.amazon.com/12-Rules-Life-Antidote-Chaos/dp/0345816021/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3LHTQH6T2KSO&keywords=12+steps+jordan+peterson&qid=1566839261&s=gateway&sprefix=12+step%2Caps%2C209&sr=8-3

Good luck!

by cresquin   2021-12-10


by KolevDarko   2021-12-10

I will recommend 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson (https://www.amazon.com/12-Rules-Life-Antidote-Chaos/dp/0345816021/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=12+rules+for+life&link_code=qs&qid=1565288435&s=gateway&sr=8-1)

He connects the mythical the ancient with the modern in such an interesting way. Just 10 pages in you will feel like the hero of your life and you will search for responsibility and mature in the process.

This description of mine probably doesn't do it justice. I can't recommend it enough.

by lettergram   2021-12-08
A few people I've spoken with who "broke out" of this mentality credit Jordan Peterson's 12 rules for life


Here's a quick video (12 min video):


I suspect his lectures, books, etc are likely more in depth. I personally haven't read it much, but am aware of the rules.

At the end of the day, you have to just get moving. One thing I've found helpful is selecting objectives, often physical ones. Go to the gym every day, take a 1-hour walk. Brush your teeth, shower, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Make a list and hold yourself to account, get a star chart and show progress. From there you can build.

Life needs objectives, you have to decide who and what you want to be, but start at some basics -- "I want to bench 180lbs" or "I want to complete my list for a full week".

It may sound strange, but when people are in that state, the hardest thing in the world is getting started. If you miss a day, fine. Don't make an excuse you have to keep going. Eventually, you form habits and the more you form, the more robust and resilient you are. If you miss a couple activities for a day or two it wont be the end of the world. Just keep your life moving and pick them back up.

After you can do that and you accomplish a few objectives, I think you can / should start thinking of longer goals, 2 -3 years out and just keep building. At the end of the day, this isn't a journey for anyone but yourself.

by RubenderBube   2019-11-17

If you aren't able to get psychological help (counseling/behavioral therapy) I would suggest you look into self-help literature (Make sure to avoid esoteric literature) that might give you the lacking guidance on life that you (seemingly) seek:

Jordan Peterson - 12 Rules for life

Viktor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning

From someone way older than you let me tell you it's a gift that you start being aware of the suffering in life and what to do about it early. You have so much time to work on your life & on your self to improve your own circumstances and seek to create a meaningful life for yourself.

Good luck.

by sagilny   2019-11-17

When you have no friends, a book is your best friend.

12 rules for life

by Dm_your_thong_pics   2019-11-17

This helped me alot.

by misunderstood_9gager   2019-11-17



There you go, read up muh dude

by SlugTheToad   2019-11-17

I mean, yeah, your friend was just trying to shoot the shit with some buddy talk, don't be harsh on him. But you should definitely talk to your best friend about what would you say in these situations, its a good way to be "prepared," and also to work on wingmanship with him (imagine if he's present when you freeze up while talking to a girl at a party or something, he could help you stay in flow). Prepared is not a good word, as it always makes it sound anxious, "sprezzatura" is better, oh, and also be firm in your values, again, honesty helps in building attraction. I think that Machiavelli wrote about this italian expression, how men should act in court with women, and that even if you work hard on something, (he was talking about artists and nobles and their duties, hobbies, so I guess frame is true here too), be non-chalant during a talk about it.

I think this is also true about possible situations, where you have epxectation about a girl, and prepare for talks in advance, then when "shit hits the fan" you can actually say something, even if most of the times it sounds "canned." I had some pretty surprising outcomes because of this, so yeah, if you know that a girl is going to talk about a topic next time, actually think about what you feel about that topic, like getting a girlfriend. This question gets more relevant if you imagine why the girl asked it in the first place. Did she think that you'd be a nice partner or she thinks that you have fucked up something in your life? It doesn't matter, really. All you need to do is to realize why this is the case, why your life looks like as it is now.

I had some pretty cute girls ask this girlfriend topic, and they were genuinely interested, and it was because they were into me or just liked me, in that situation you already have the ace in your hand, you just have to be nice to them in return. In antoher situation, another type of girl might ask the same question, just to push your buttons (maybe with a RBF), not even looking at you, just fiddling away with their phones. In this case, you shouldn't worry about this, they are just shit-testing you if you are confident enough to face issues like these. If you worry, they've managed to embarrass you and they got the confirmation that they were expecting. So just stay calm and you can be brutally honest too, these types of girls won't get offended that easily if you act like this. Maybe they'll throw a hissy fit if you cross a line (by telling them some cheeky joke about how they have a lot of boyfrined or something in riposte to this girlfriend question), and in that case you pretty much snatched the rein of the conversation at that point from their hands. You should definitely talk to them about these issues if an argument like this happens, as it is very eye-opening to see why they act the way they do, as this RBF attitude is most of the time just a defensive act for them to not get wind up in unnecessarily emotional situations (and you shouldn't judge girls only by the very first impressions).

Main thing is that remain calm and don't lose frame, tell them what you actually think, but if you have a very-very good joke, you can even thaw girls who might open by giving you the cold shoulder (just don't act like a white knight after you get their attention, "sprezzatura" all the way). To tell you a more specific response, I'd need some info about what you do and what are your goals. If you really feel that you need help with getting your shit together, dont be afraid, I was in the same boat as you, and I don't want to be a dick. Just read Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life. It really helped me get better future prospects, work for them, and to be more confident in general, including girls too.

by Big_Theta   2019-11-17

I gotchu homie

PM me your address before the boycott starts

by hired_g00n   2019-08-24

Alright. Triage time.

Read this:


Then read this: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/0345816021/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_jzi1CbGEN5P3Y

Then take some of that 6 figures you make and allocate it to fucking off.

Use this:


Fuck off wherever it tells you, book a flight, and go away for 2 weeks minimum. When you get there, pick a random direction and travel that way till you hit water or 2-3 weeks are up.

You need a reset and a change of scenery. Get your head screwed back on straight, clear your thoughts and get out of your rut.

But here's the thing: it's totally okay to feel like this and be fed up. Dating as an activity sucks giant donkey dick for everybody that's left. It's a grind and a treadmill, and sometimes the beat thing to do is hit the stop button and step off. Fuck all that noise, it's garbage.

Reset, take a sabbatical, go somewhere. Then come back with a new perspective.

by 48Stepsup   2019-08-24

Jordan Peterson speaks on this subject in some of his videos. Go to his official YouTube channel.

It’s also rule #2 in his book, 12 Rules For Life .

Here’s a short clip that you might find useful. Treat Yourself Like...

by defenee   2019-08-24

All you need

by Lucullus_93   2019-07-21

That's right, I didn't read him. I was made aware of him by a fellow student, and then listened to a few lectures on Youtube over the last few months. But why should I read something that is obviously popular scientific after I didn't like his theses in the lectures? He is a motivation trainer, proof? Read the title for yourself:


by ophel1a_   2019-07-21


This book helped me and is still helping me. I think it can help you, too. Find Jordan Peterson on YouTube and listen to some of his interviews. :)

by Swiftshirt   2019-07-21


>I can’t change anything and I can’t make history.

You can't change history but you really do have the power to change. Change is often frustratingly slow, but it is real. Start small. Like really small. Like clean up your room or eat a bit better, or exercise.


I'd recommend checking out this book.

by Francis_Dollar_Hide   2019-07-21

Read this:

by stratys3   2019-07-21


I normally don't recommend this book to anyone... but I think it may be appropriate here.

by sendddit   2019-07-21

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos https://www.amazon.com/dp/0345816021/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_VMUyCb8A87B92

this book changed my perspective and helped tremendously. this comment will prob get voted down by leftist ideologues but dont listen to them. trust me on this and give this book a shot.

by Gen_McMuster   2019-07-21

>When I think of "toxic masculinity" I think of the guy who takes a few classes at his local MMA gym and then goes around starting bar fights because he thinks he's a tough guy.

First they came for the knuckle-draggers

Then they came for Terry Crews

I think the issue here is that pretty much nobody who's internalized some notion of "Toxic Masculinity" has it accompanied by a coherent conception of "Positive Masculinity." The former is a highly virulent, easily misunderstood meme that's very useful for beating people over the head. The latter requires a lifetime of trial and error, a psychologists perspective, or an entire book to articulate in anything resembling a coherent manner.