The 99 Critical Shots in Pool: Everything You Need to Know to Learn and Master the Game (Other)

Author: Estate of Rosser Reeves
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by CreeDorofl   2019-01-13

I see a few people trying to reinvent the wheel here, but this has been expertly spelled out with nice diagrams (or videos) in various books and DVDs. If you like learning from books, this one goes over these effects in a really clear and concise way: 99 Critical Shots . Costs about $10 or less.

If you're more of a video guy, Dr. Dave's are excellent, you would need just one or two, to learn about the different aspects of follow, draw, and sidespin. VEPS videos. But they're about $30 each.

If you're broke there are some free youtube videos, but probably not as well-organized as the other options. I'd get a used copy of the book instead. You can get it used for about $5 with free shipping.

by CreeDorofl   2019-01-13

2nd vote for the book "The 99 Critical Shots in Pool "

... you know how you buy a new phone or grill or whatever, and you immediately look for the quickstart guide in the box, instead of going through a bunch of tiny printing just to figure out the first step to setting it up?

That's what this book is. It's the quickstart guide to getting decent at pool. It's cheap and you can carry it with you to the pool hall, and practice the shots.

by CreeDorofl   2019-01-13

good fundamentals, that's important, you can become a really good player with a solid stance like that.

You're at the point where you probably would benefit from trying to learn to do effective follow and draw (topspin/backspin), and a little down the road english (sidespin).

There's a book that I would recommend for anyone with a table at home, the 99 Critical Shots in pool . It will get you started on that stuff, you can just practice the shots 1 by 1, see how far through the book you can get.