Diet for a Small Planet (20th Anniversary Edition)

Author: Frances Moore Lappe
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by lkrubner   2018-08-25
"Very confusing."

I agree that you are confused.

"But then go on to suggest that OECD countries are attempting to limit production unfairly?"

I never suggested that there was anything unfair about this. But that the advanced nations warehouse large amounts of food, and then dispose of it when it has gone bad, is well known and has been much discussed elsewhere.

"Food is perishable."

Annual production exceeds annual demand. Even when this year's food goes bad, next year there will be more, and it will be in excess of demand.

This is a big topic and I can not provide you with a full education on this topic. I'll recommend one book that I like, which is Diet For A Small Planet, by Frances Moore Lappe: