Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide

Category: Humor
Author: Michael J. Knowles
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by ak3331   2017-08-19

> Edit: You seem like a very well read individual, I would highly recommend this book

While I did find this pretty humorous, you also seem to be a little petty not really answering my questions? Ultimately, I'm trying to clarify what you believe to be "judicial activism."

> It's a shit hole of a court, and frankly, I wish Trump could remove the 9th circuit completely.

Again, all I'm saying is that it's imperfect, if not slightly worse than some circuits. Can you please provide statistical evidence that it's significantly worse than other courts or that it's detrimentally biased towards "liberal" rulings?

Edit: I'm really not trying to play "gotcha." I'm just wondering why you believe the nineth circuit is so horrific Trump would someone need to remove all its sitting judges.

by Kerpopule   2017-08-19

nvm...found it. This book covers why these agencies should be funded -