Game Engine Architecture, Third Edition

Author: Jason Gregory
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by JonnyRocks   2019-08-24

IF you need tutorials, remember that XNA applies a swell and it doesn't matter if it's 10 years old. But if you have been doing this for awhile then focus on general game dev information. A lot of good resources are written in c++ and are not about monogame. One of my favorite resources is . It has a free web version.


Keep in mind that monogame is a frame work and it handles all of the low level stuff but you still are creating an engine. I really enjoy


This is my current favorite


But in the end, it comes down to any job. You reach a problem and search for a way to solve it.

by Chukobyte   2019-08-24

Disclaimer, I haven't personally built a full functioning game engine from scratch but I've been interested in game engine architecture. I recommend two books I'm currently reading, Game Engine Architecture and Game Coding Complete.

by xx3000   2018-10-06
I would also add Real-Time Rendering[2] and Real-Time Collision Detection[3] to the list of absolutely essential game development books.

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