Frank Wood's Business Accounting 1

Category: Accounting
Author: Frank Wood, Alan Sangster


by rahimnathwani   2021-12-23
Background: I'm a qualified accountant, and have taught courses on accounting and finance.

My thoughts on OP:

I read through the first two parts of the first course on this site:

- Part 1 Introduction to Accounting Basics, A Story for Relating to Accounting Basics

- Part 2 Income Statement

Based on what I read, I could not recommend this. You could get to the end of the 'income statement' part, without encountering any definition of 'profit', which is the very thing that the income statement is meant to show.

If you want a solid introduction to accounting, I'd recommend Frank Wood's book "Business Accounting 1". You don't need the latest (15th edition). The principles haven't changed. I used the 10th edition: Business Accounting Volume 1