Inside Windows Debugging (Developer Reference)

Category: Programming
Author: Tarik Soulami


by lowleveldesign   2017-12-21
Debugging a syscall or start of the process was a great way for me to learn the system internals. I have some experience with Windows debugging and, after reading the article, I find that configuring the kernel debugging in Windows is quite easy. And I really like the live kernel debugging feature, when you either use windbg (that requires the debug boot flag) or simply run livekd [1] to analyze the running system data (for instance ALPC connections, handles, or loaded drivers data). Is there anything similar available in Linux? I plan to learn Linux internals and would love to use the kernel debugger next to reading the source code and books.

Tangential, but if there is anyone interested in Windows debugging (including kernel debugging) have a look at the Inside Windows Debugging book by Tarik Soulami [2]