The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition

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The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition


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by StriverGuy   2018-03-08
I recommend getting three books and to begin writing at least 500 words per day distraction free (technical, fiction, stream of conscious):

1) On Writing Well - William Zinser

2) On Writing - Stephen King-

3) The Elements of Style - Strunk & White -

The two most important points are concise style and active voice. Both of these habits are critical for SEs to write concise emails, specs and commit messages. You will even see improvement in more casual day to day interactions (via slack, SMS etc).

by LolPharisees   2018-02-16

>along with a not-so-numb alcohol-induced dehydration headache


>I took a moment to recollect the last 18 hours as I had accepted the seemingly random last minute invite to the New Years poker party from a former colleague who had moved on a few months ago.

Is this supposed to be a sentence?

>Recently single, nearly lifeless, and despite not playing in 5+ years

>Little did I know that night would spark something within me, and with just one, two, seven deposits of $100-200 on Pokerstars I would soon be funding a poker trip to feed the soul of my competitive being.


by LolPharisees   2018-02-16

by nx_2000   2018-02-16

If your work is free of grammar and spelling errors you're probably ahead of most of your classmates right there.

You might read some books about writing like The Elements of Style. The only writing I've done professionally was for TV news. I read exactly one book on the subject, Writing Broadcast News by Mervin Block (he wrote for Cronkite). It's basically the Bible of broadcast writing and it was very instructive.

by spodek   2018-02-14
"Getting To Yes"

I've given away more copies of that book than any other. Improves all relationships.

"Elements of Style" aka Strunk and White.

I'd prefer they not only read Elements of Style, but work on it.

by Archikus   2017-08-19

Is this the book you recommend? I see what you mean by being an aggregation and I guess in my case, unless I start studying in a field of astrophysics or any other, there is no way out.

by DrunkyMcDrunk-Drunk   2017-08-19

The gold standard for this sort of thing is going to be A Pocket Style Manual by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers. You would also do well to pick up The Elements of Style by Strunk and White.

by Jeveran   2017-08-19

^^ I came here to say this .