Black Rednecks and White Liberals

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Author: Thomas Sowell
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by PathOfEclipse   2022-10-14
You should read some Thomas Sowell. He should help cure you of your "cosmic justice" aspirations.

The very idea that, in a just world, outcomes along various lines of demarcation between groups of humans would be roughly even has zero evidence to support it. In fact, all of history, as well as the state of the universe itself, testify that this should not be the case! Never has there ever been equal outcomes between any groups in history. The world is complex, and the causes for disparity are too numerous to list and impossible to even attempt to measure or tease apart in their impacts. Sowell has written about numerous causes of disparity between groups that have nothing to do with racism or any societal injustice, and the above book examples are just a small portion of what he has written.

What leftists like to do is over-simplify the world to fit their pre-conceived notions. If there is racial disparity, it must have been caused by systemic racism! Therefore, we must fix it through systemic racism in the opposite direction! This kind of thinking is broken, flawed, and completely incorrect to the core, and acting on it simply leads to more injustice, more unfairness, and more disparity of different kinds. It is an ideology born of intellectual pride, moral vanity, and an utter lack of wisdom.

by baryphonic   2020-12-10

For the former, I'd recommend chapter three of Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks & White Liberals, about the history of slavery.[1]

For the latter, I'd recommend Illiberal Reformers, about the Progressive Era and its devotees.[2] Later Progressives were responsible for the school-to-prison pipeline and militarized police.[3] The Progressive Era has a wide array of interesting literature, including the writings of many of its early exponents (since they tended to be writers or academics).




by bluescape   2019-08-24

You're severely moving the goal posts.

>most Black and Hispanic people in the US were brought here / came here in extreme poverty and have been kept that way for centuries, whereas most immigrants (especially more recent ones) from Asia come from wealthy families who are actually able to make the move here

Your statement doesn't talk about police policy, nor do you specifically mention post WWII. That's why the Irish were brought up to begin with. Your premise based on the words you chose, was that black/hispanic people don't have the same opportunities because of poverty and racial discrimination. These are two things which were faced by other groups as well. Groups that now flourish.

Might want to check out Black Rednecks and White Liberals

by u02br18   2019-08-24

Also Thomas Sowell's terrific essay "Black Rednecks and White Liberals"

by iMalinowski   2019-08-24

Consider looking into the book by Thomas Sowell on the matter.

by Kyrra   2019-07-21

Just tell them to go read to show them that way of talking came from northern England hillbillies. (Along with most of the "black culture" that seems cherished today.)

by ericdimwit   2019-07-21

read that, and then never worry about the rest of the world...they hated us under bush, they hated us under obama, they hate us under trump....the US has done nothing as bad as: The Germans, The British, The French, The Spanish, The gooses, The Russians, The Chinese, Continental Africa....goes on and on...Indian caste system...the difference is now that they know trump won't be impeached, they are afraid of us again.

by TecnoPope   2019-07-21

This is a strange understanding of history imo. We should strive to be better historians. The word slave literally comes from the word slav. White people have also been enslaved and oppressed since the beginning of time as well. Even as recently as the 19th century white people were being enslaved during the barbary wars. If you want to look at the Arab slave trade it dwarfs that of the western / american slave trade and is still going on today. If the logic is that white people have been oppressing people of color more than people of color oppressing each other its just simply not true. Historically european and american whites were actually involved in the chantal / race based slave trade for the least amount of time than other groups and white puritans were the reason slavery started to become abolished. /u/Kayddps check out Black Rednecks & White Liberals by Thomas Sowell (A black economist and historian). It will blow your mind.

by yaku9   2019-07-21

No. Africans were not innocent in the slave trade. West Africa had large scale slave trading before, during and after the white man arrived. It was Africans who enslaved their fellow Africans, selling some of them to Europeans or Arabs, and keeping others for themselves. Even at the peak of the Atlantic slave trade, Africans retained more slaves for themselves than they sent to the Western Hemisphere.

Source: Thomas Sowell -

by yaku9   2019-07-21

> Plenty of countries had slaves and plenty eliminated slavery without causing anywhere near as much crazy social division as in the US

Slavery only ended because of one nation. Great Britain. They waged a world wide war on slavery enlisting/forcing other nations to comply.

One possile reason for the issues in the US could be that the slave population was distinguishable by race, and they stayed living in the host country. In every country where you had a minority group you had opression.

Source: Thomas Sowell -

by stcredzero   2018-01-12
US mainstream left were lead by a black President who went to Harvard Law and Columbia

I voted for Obama. However, in retrospect, he was part of the shift of the American left into an authoritarian version. Those collegiate "progressive" protesters who say, "F your free speech" are part of this unfortunate shift.

which toxic culture are they supposedly glorifying?

Urban thug culture.

There is a genteel African American culture. I've known people from that thread of American culture. It valued learning, rationality, responsibility, and manners. Also, not all Black Americans are too crazy about Obama's legacy.