Initiative: A Proven Method to Bring Your Passions to Life (and Work)

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Author: Joshua Spodek
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by spodek   2019-11-17

I wrote a book on how to take initiative and start projects that unearth passions step-by-step based on the courses I teach on the subject. A whole book is a long answer and I don't mean to promote my stuff, but it's my best answer to the question and you can read the first chapter or so online free. It's called Initiative.

by spodek   2019-11-17

Do the exercises in the book Initiative.

by spodek   2019-09-10
I teach at NYU. My courses are in book form too:

My friend's school that inspired me is Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. He's given TEDx talks and keynotes online:

by spodek   2019-08-28
Nothing creates more meaning for you than to create the opportunities based on knowing what you love. Since we're all different, different things create meaning for us differently. Rarely will a job someone else creates push our buttons best.

I created my course at NYU and wrote the book Initiative to create a step-by-step process to unearth each person's passions. I find that reflection alone or taking online quizzes doesn't reveal passions like action does -- that is, taking initiative (thoughtfully, with a process that works).

Recently, one person started blogging his results doing the exercises. As of August 25, here's his latest:

by spodek   2019-08-10
I hope they help.

You might also be interested in my books, which teach the social and emotional skills of leadership, initiative, and entrepreneurship, based on courses I teach at NYU.


Leadership Step by Step:

One of my past students used the Initiative skills to teach the Leadership material to youths in Gaza Every situation is unique and it's just one project, but his project shows promise of teaching youths before they get caught up in violence. He tells me that the program helps change views of leadership from command-and-control, authoritarian to based in understanding and support, though I'm oversimplifying. I'm just sharing one example.

by spodek   2019-07-26
After my PhD in physics, I learned starting a company that I needed such skills and devoted myself to learning them.

Now I teach the social and emotional skills underlying leadership, entrepreneurship, and initiative at NYU (student reviews:


by spodek   2019-05-30
The book Initiative is for this type of situation.

Disclosure: I wrote it.