So You've Been Publicly Shamed

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Author: Jon Ronson
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by roadoak   2019-08-24

There’s an interesting book on the subject.

The author tracked down and interviewed a number of the people who had their bad behavior go viral, such as the PR director who was getting on a flight and tweeted the terrible joke about not getting AIDS in South Africa because she’s white. In most of the cases, the subjects didn’t rebound and get their lives back on track. Except maybe one dude who had no shame to begin with.

by oldirtybaron   2019-08-24

People get a real rush when they tear someone down. It's not a new phenomena. A smart guy named Jon Ronson wrote a book about it.

Social media took an ugly aspect of ourselves that was always there and force-fed it steroids by the fistful. Now it's a monster that's run amok.

by NaughtyMallard   2017-08-19

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Read this.

by Dodgeballrocks   2017-08-19

This is true. I'm currently reading Jon Ronson's book about it right now.

by DashingLeech   2017-08-19

How come you get a second chance, but Victoria doesn't? (Or did she, we don't entirely know the issue yet.) How come Tim Hunt doesn't get a second chance. Or Justine Sacco. Or anybody in Jon Robson's book, "So You've Been Publicly Shamed ".

Why should the "brain farts" of these people end their careers and not yours? I think you should resign your post, or, alternately, reddit management should come out strongly against firing people over simple, inappropriate jokes or lighthearted mistakes in comments, or using the offense of people to ban speech (such as subreddits).

People are offended by your comment. Is reddit management filled with hypocrites or not?