Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World

Category: Happiness
Author: William H. McRaven
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by curtludwig   2021-12-10

by pretty_en_pink68   2021-12-10

I am in the middle of reading a book called, "make your bed". He says how making your bed every morning is the best way to start your day. You started your day by completing a task before even leaving the house.

by LiterallyAnscombe   2019-11-17

It's true, there is nothing inherently wrong with William H. McRaven's advice. But why did you say "someone" instead of his name?

by xynix_ie   2019-11-17

Dude. Go to Target and spent 20 bucks on an organizer. Get your shit in order brother. Also read this book by Admiral McRaven: Make Your Bed. Check out who he is on Youtube for 20 minutes:

Listen to that.

by xynix_ie   2019-08-24

I was more clueless about life when I was 18 than I would have cared to admit at the time.

However when I was 18 I was already running my own business and making good money at it, something called a BBS (bulletin board system) which was a precursor to the WWW. I was already using the Internet way before the WWW and transferred my business to the Web when it was viable to do so. I eventually sold it in 1998.

Here's some advice, not that you asked for it.

Make a personal mission statement. This will change throughout the years, review it every year or a couple times a year. Google "make a personal mission statement" and start getting ideas. No rush here, spend a few days thinking about it. It's a living document of your purpose so feel free to change it as changing fits. I keep my mission statement tacked behind my work laptop and have it memorized by now.

Next you'll want to make goals. I have yearly goals I make at the start of each year, due by Feb 1. Then I make 10 year goals for the decade. By your age I had a goal sheet, which I accomplished, to get me to the age of 30. This is a good primer for it: this appears to be a paywall site but allows you to look at this article without paying.

We had a meeting a couple years ago, about 120 of us in attendance, and a retired Navy Seal was giving a group of us a motivational speech and provided content. He asked who had goals written down, about 20% of us raised our hands. He asked who had 10 year goals, about 10 people raised their hands. Then he asked who had 100 year goals and I was the only one who raised a hand.

I suppose he wasn't expecting anyone to claim a 100 year goal list, but here I am. A top earner in the room and a leader in the same respect. He asked me what the 100 year goals included and I told him "Legacy" which is funny because his next slide was about legacy, so I queued him up for a win. My answer was "I'm not just doing this for me, I'm creating a legacy and I want my great great great grandchild to get a check some day to pay for a house, or pay for college."

When I was 18 I didn't want kids. Well, now I have 3, and it's funny how life does that to you. Legacy is about taking care of your future after you die. Whether that's a charity, family, or something else you're interested in. Make your 100 year goals, yes you'll be dead, that's irrelevant. "You can't take it with you!" is a stupid phrase I've always frowned at. You can't take anything with you, but you can leave behind an enduring legacy, even if small.

So get your goals squared away and you'll start to feel less clueless about life, by the way, as a guy in my mid 40s there are plenty of things I'm clueless about. My son is about to turn 18, just graduated high school, I've given him the same advice as you. I'll be mentoring him through summer until he starts college.

Try to find a mentor, even if it's a college student only 2 years older than you. Surround yourself with smart able people. Make friends with people better than you. I've always had some older friends and today I have several in their 60s/70s. Retired CEOs, CIOs, guys who ran giant fishing fleets, guys that ran giant telcos, surgeons, politicians, etc. People I can learn from.

Never be afraid to be the youngest and certainly never be afraid to be the lowest on the ladder. This is how we learn and grow by surrounding ourselves with success.

Always read. It doesn't have to be a book about anything but always read. I go between fun books, historical books, and motivational or educational books. Start here:

Good luck my man. You've got this, we need you.

by LiterallyAnscombe   2019-08-24

>he expresses about taking control of your life and “cleaning your room”

A lot of his self-help tips are probably based on early 2000's ephemeral internet trends that can be found elsewhere. And as Contrapoints makes clear, there are subjects he talks about that are worth considering, like moving past considering yourself a victim. He does not develop these very far and obviously does not practice any of these principles himself, only hopes to weaponize them against his political opponents.

>for me his politics are rather a secondary thing to me.

The majority of his time is overwhelmingly spent on political campaigns at this point, so it's extremely difficult to separate the politics from the man anymore.