Fascinating Fungi of New England

Author: Lawrence Millman
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by Alex3917   2017-11-07
> Unless you want your ’shrooms to turn into slime, bring wax paper or a paper bag, never plastic.

It doesn't really matter if you're only out in the woods for a couple hours, rather than being out for days at a time harvesting commercially or whatever. The reusable bags made by Baggu are pretty good because they hold 40 lbs, are breathable, and you can just throw them in the washing machine. The only downside is that they're $10 each unless you buy them wholesale.

As the article says, the best way to learn is to join your local club and go on the weekly walks. And if you want to buy a book, don't buy a field guide. Instead buy a picture book that covers a handful of your local species, e.g.:




It's pretty easy to learn, if you start going on walks in the spring and go every other weekend throughout the year, then you'll know most of the edibles mushrooms throughout the year. Plus the poisonous ones, the other notable ones, and maybe even some of the psychoactive ones.