Deliverance Prayers: For Use by the Laity

Category: Worship & Devotion
Author: Ripperger PhD, Fr. Chad A
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by CJGodley1776   2019-08-24

You will need prayers -- I'm not trying to be silly -- you need massive prayer help.

I will pray for you and am sending you a book with deliverance prayers which will help you in the situation (the prayers to be delivered from freemasonic ties are in the back of the book). You have my prayers and thank you for being willing to expose this, even if it is coming from your own family.

by CJGodley1776   2019-08-24

> I desperately need community and a place where people understand.

We do need others to keep us balanced and focused on Christ, you are right!

Perhaps staying off social media for a time (so as to not be ingesting all this bad news so much) if you can? Things are terrible. Yes. But remember the goal of the devil is to drive us to despair. That is not the goal of Christ, who said, "in this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world."

I would say put that ocd to good use (in an attempt to curb it of course) until you can say some good binding prayers or deliverance prayers over yourself regarding it and say the rosary. If there is something that can be done both productively and repetitively, it is the rosary.

Entrust your heart, your worries to Your Mother. She will cast your cares upon Jesus.

You have my prayers!

by CJGodley1776   2019-08-24

Yes. One can be afflicted. You should say deliverance prayers over yourself daily, in addition to daily prayers.