The Rust Programming Language

Category: Programming
Author: Steve Klabnik, Carol Nichols
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by azure1992   2019-07-21

Well,if you want to buy something related to Rust,you can buy these 2 books:



by gorbot   2019-07-21

It’s free online but

by tracker1   2019-06-03
Somewhat agreed... If I hadn't started with the O'Reily book[1], would probably order. If the eBook were half the price, would get it anyway.

Edit: looks like it's a few bucks less on Amazon

[1] [2]

by wiggler00m   2019-05-27
Thanks for the book! A++ would read again.

by AlexeyBrin   2018-03-18
There are two books with similar titles and I'm under the impression that you don't talk about the one the OP had in mind:

I think both are good books, I already have the second one and preordered the first.