The Science of Interstellar

Author: Kip S. Thorne
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by TheHypnotist   2019-04-13
Since we're on it, there's actually a book about the science of interstellar.

by melling   2017-10-05
Kip S. Thorne

Should be a household name. He has written several books and was consulted by Christopher Nolan for the movie Interstellar:

by Chumkil   2017-08-19

Kip Thorne wrote a book on it:

More is accurate in that movie than first appears.

by Smartnership   2017-08-19

He even authored a book called

The Science of Interstellar

by Chumkil   2017-08-19

But not the parts you think:

Kip Thorne discusses where the physics is wrong. He also discusses why it is wrong for the sake of the movie, but most of it is right.

A lot of people think certain parts are wrong in the movie that are actually accurate.